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I am ygoe.

I code solutions, and sometimes I photograph things.

Hi, my name is Yves Goergen. I am a software developer and consultant, specialising in .NET data, web and cross-platform solutions. Into clean code, usability, design and typography. Curious. Not a coffee drinker. Based in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany, EU.

The passion for creating useful applications for people and continuous improvement in coding has kept me in the software development business for over 20 years and counting. I started with Basic, Pascal and C++, however for the past 15 years my focus has been on C# and .NET technologies on several platforms, together with databases, JavaScript and PHP. This includes customer projects for data processing and analysis in sectors like power supply, finance, medical and manufacturing, as well as my own product ideas that I draw from everyday work. I also enjoy contributing to open source projects. I studied computer science at the University of Erlangen with a focus on databases and distributed systems.

You can find my software publications on This consists primarily of open source code, plus a collection of useful tools, mostly for developers and power users on Windows. Some of which are also published on GitHub.

My current occupation is at Komprenu, a startup that I have co-founded. Our slogan “understanding data” describes how businesses can better recognise resource savings potentials with our innovative software solutions for energy and condition monitoring. More of my professional details can be found on LinkedIn.

In my leisure time I also like travelling and photographing the beauty of our world. My photographic work exhibition is on This includes mainly fine art and travel photography, with lots of landscapes, seascapes and other impressive compositions of light from around the world. I regularly post new photos to Instagram.

As of late I rediscovered the electronics hobby and newly explored the world of microcontrollers. In my little lab I tinker with automation solutions for my smart home and other helpful gadgets.

The name ygoe is an abbreviation of my real name. It’s also an “obsolete spelling of ago” – how fitting for the word, but unfortunately the opposite of me. I guess it should be pronounced ee-go. And finally, it’s short and unique. The logo above is an artwork of my initials in the style of a constellation in the night sky.

Occasionally I post something on Twitter or other web platforms. My public Facebook stream is mainly a mirror of Instagram these days. I’m also a radio amateur with the call sign DG9NGF.

The best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail. The web contact form also accepts larger files. Otherwise I’m on Signal, WhatsApp or Skype. I speak German, English and just enough French and Dutch.

This website is hosted at dotforward Webhosting, a small webhosting and webdesign business I started 15 years ago with my dad and now run myself.